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Before & After Tips for a Long-Lasting, Streak-Free Spray Tan

There are a few rules you must follow in order to have optimal results and a long-lasting glow. Read more about our before and after spray tan advice below.

Before You Spray Tan

You must exfoliate and shave 24 hours before spray tanning, and you must abstain from anything that may get your skin wet – such as showering, swimming, and activities that may make you sweat – for three hours before the spray tan and eight hours after. Manicures, pedicures, waxing, or shaving must be done 24 hours before getting a spray tan.

After Your Spray

You must wait 8-24 hours before showering after getting Tahitian or Lava spray tans. Use lukewarm water and rinse your skin thoroughly using only your hands. Do not use loofahs or sponges on your skin. Only wash your private areas, neck, ears, and armpits with soap and a rag or cloth. Avoid hot water as it will make the skin shed faster.

If you are going to be in the pool, hot tub, or ocean, put on coconut oil or waterproof sunblock. Do not rub your skin dry if you are maintaining a spray tan, blot or air dry only.

To protect your skin, always moisturize and wear sunblock as spray tans don't offer sun protection. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine, and long periods of exposure to wind. When shaving, shave gently and use coconut oil frequently.

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